Practice Areas

Real Property & Real Estate Development

We have a wealth of experience in helping clients in their acquisition of undeveloped lands as well as residential lots and in their acquisition of hotels and resort developments and industrial development. We with due dispatch conduct title searches and due diligence on behalf of clients to ensure that they are adequately protected in their investment and acquisitions. We also provide title opinions to assist clients in the purchase of international title insurance, and assist them in securing fiscal incentives for their developments. We are also able to put them in contact with the right professional to assist them in procuring sub-division approval for residential lots and condominium units and resort development.
Aside from assisting clients with real estate development, we have also successfully assisted clients in litigating complex land disputes including complex fraud cases.
  • Civil Appeals Nos. 26 and 28 of 2007
    The Attorney General and George Betson et al AND Rupert Martin Marin and George Betson et al – Carey JA