Practice Areas

Taxation, Trust & Asset Protection

We regularly advise our clients (local and international) on issues related to taxation, trusts and asset protection, and when necessary, litigate on their behalf, defending them before local tax authorities and in representing them before the local courts in the interpretation of trust deeds and complex asset protection measures.
We have represented clients in defending local tax assessments and we also work along with chartered accountants in providing clients with sound advice concerning any taxation issue and in structuring their investment to mitigate their tax liability.
Belize has provided legislatively for the establishment of domestic and international trusts. We have assisted clients in setting up local and international trusts as investment vehicles, asset protection instruments, estate planning vehicles, to secure their investment and to provide for long term estate planning.
In addition to assisting clients with advice on trusts, we have also successfully litigated trust cases. Recently, we were successful in the Public Sector’s Worker’s Trust case.
Asset Protection
We have assisted multi-national individuals, trustees, foundations and financial institutions on asset protection, international corporate and trust structuring, seeking to utilize and maximize the myriad of offshore vehicles that Belize offers—all with a view to assist clients to provide financial security, mitigate tax liability and to ensure privacy in their investment.
Below are trust matters we have argued successfully:
  • Claim No. 553 of 2015
    Sheila Genitty et al v Raymond Davis et al.
  • Claim No. 562 of 2016
    Theodore Donald Grimwood et al v Phillip Lee et al.
  • Claim No. 372 of 2009
    Shawn Sparks v Melissa Jude Luca.